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99% Internet Uptime

Always online

Choose Your Internet Speed

As fast as you can go

24/7 Customer Support

We don’t go to sleep

“The Best Fixed Wireless Broadband in Nigeria”

Why people choose us


Ability To Choose Your Speed


Smart Home Capability


Unlimited Free Night (7pm-7am) + 24Hours Weekend (Fri-Mon)

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Arcelor Home Internet Plan Benefits

7pm-7am Unlimited Free Mon-Fri

24hr free unlimited weekend Fri-Mon

Low connection Charge or Lease Equipment

Multiple Devices Connection

Full Home Wi-Fi Coverage

Smart & Home Entertainment Capability

Choose your own Internet Speed

Work and Play

Do you need Internet Service for critical business mission?

Face to your service– With our 24/7/365 online and onsite support,

remote local offices, we are putting a face to your service to ensure that

your business or organization get help fast when you need it

Multiple Fibre Upstream– We use multiple Fibre upstream to create a

self-healing redundancy to give you maximum uptime and service


Up to 30% Incremental -annual bandwidth capacity upgrade with no price

increase when you automatic renew your contract with us.

No Equipment and Installation Cost – What you buy from us is Internet

service and that is what you should pay for.


How We Save Money for Businesses in Nigeria

Arcelor knows that most businesses run an on a tight budget.

Therefore, Arcelor developed a structure to make sure your business run

on all-in-one IT solution with a predictable affordable cost.

Our all-in-one IT solution takes care of all your IT need with zero or low


We will take care of your entire infrastructure with our 24/7 help-desk

and proactive monitoring, to improve your availability and efficiency.